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The Trust seeks to improve local education facilities. 

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Our clinics offer a wide range of medical care. 

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The beautiful island of Funzi is a popular tourist destination in Kenya. Visitors enjoy the rich wildlife and feast on locally caught seafood. But the people in the villages of Bodo and Funzi endure very different conditions.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust works with the villagers to provide healthcare and to improve educational facilities.Through its activities the charity hopes to break the cycle of poverty which afflicts people's lives.

Demand at clinics reaches record high

The trust is treating record numbers of  people at its clinics, tourists have gone home amid warnings from their Governments of terrorist activity in Mombasa. This has left people dependent on tourism without money to feed their families.

When they or their children are sick they cannot afford the medicines and care they need. This has led to people travelling further distances to reach our clinics. They have heard that they can pay very little to see a doctor and that medicines are free.

This is causing a major challenge for the charity as bills for medicines go through the roof.  The trust is led by volunteers who do the fundraising in their spare time . So they are having to work twce as hard to bring in the funds.

There is a particular need for more people to make a regular monthly donation to guarantee the work of the charity can go on.

We have never turned anyone away and wouldn’t want to. But we need help and soon. Please consider supporting us.

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 The Real Advent Calendar

The Meaningful Chocolate Company has confirmed its continued support for the Trust in 2015 after the 2014 Advent calendar raised just under £14,000 to provide medical care for mothers and babies at the Trust’s clinics. Available from Tesco stores and online from The Meaningful Shop

The Real Advent Calendar

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